Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Skin A Rabbit

I hope Santa brought you a whole bunch of goodies!

Yes we're back, on Monday 11th with a brand new play by one of our finest and most prolific writers, Peter Vincent. It's called Skin A Rabbit. I don't know what it's about, but assume it's a comedy. Anyway, the quality is bound to be high.

Here's how you do it.

7.45 at the Green Man. Be there.

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PT said...

In discussion after an excellent reading we all suggested ways of improving this play. But nobody said how good it was. I'd like to say that now. As a piece of theatre it would be easy to produce, one set, two couples constrained to share a ghastly country cottage and to learn how near we all are to starvation, a few gimmicky props, a gun which goes off and redemption in the closing stages. We even have a rabbit barbecued in the box from an old fashioned lawn-mower, that's how desperate they were (no time for skinning). Hang in with this one, Peter. It's funny and very good