Thursday, 14 January 2010

Competition Play-Off

What is says on the tin. Each term we have a competition, and the winner and runner-up go through to the final. This is the final. Six entries, one winner. There is also the added incentive that the winner automatically gets considered for the showcase. This innovation came in last year, and the winner, Bill Gordon's Too Many Queens did indeed get read at the King's Head in December.

Can lightning strike twice? Come along on Monday to find out.

7.45 at the Green Man.

UPDATE: And here are the results, as predicted!

Winner Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Bandages Bill Gordon 177

2 No Business Like It Phil Philmar 176

3 Parts for Male and Female Phil Philmar 172

4 Foolproof Lynne O’Sullivan 169

5 Cava, Niche & Drink It Tim Gambrell 168

6 Space for Love Martin Turay 131

Congratulations to all.


Anonymous said...

Who won? I had to leave before the end. Belinda

Peter said...

Bill Gordon.

Who else!