Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Winter Programme

is up! Click on the main website, go to the right and click on the right, and the PDF will magically appear. Featuring new plays from such seasoned veterans as Peters McKelvey and Vincent, mixed seamlessly with new works from P-P virgins Lexy Howe, John Anderson and Andrew Bridgmont. Plus a radio script ( it's been an age since we had one of those ) from Michael Mills, and a screenplay from Alison Wilkie. Not to mention a talk given by West End director David Grindley. ( and he really is one, his version of Six Degrees of Separation starring that bloke off Buffy and the coffee ads opens at the Old Vic in January ).

And that's just a taster. This ought to get your taste buds salivating far more than the prospect of turkey and Christmas Pudding. Why waste time circling all those old movies in your double edition Radio Times when you've got this cornucopia of excellence to look forward to?

Merry Christmas! Like it says in the programme, we're back on January 11th at 7.45.p.m.

UPDATE: There's already been a change - the competition has been brought forward a week, and Peter McKelvey's piece delayed by a week. The programme up there now is, right now, the definitive one.

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