Saturday, 19 December 2009

After the Autumn Showcase

I didn't write a review immediately after the showcase, partly because I didn't have as immediate access to the photos, and also, truth be told, I didn't have a vested interest in it: there was nothing by me in it. How selfish. At any rate, here, finally, is my review.

It went very well. Far better than I'd expected, in fact. Indeed, it was probably the funniest showcase I have been to. My recall from the pieces as read originally at the Horse and Groom was that they all had their virtues, but I didn't quite think they'd stand up to a full performance. Well, it just goes to show what rehearsals with an enthusiastic cast and director can do. Or maybe I just got it wrong!

That potential difficulty wasn't of course apparent with the opening piece, seeing as it came in at less than ten minutes in length, being the Competition Play-off winner, Too Many Queens by Bill Gordon. It was a deserved winner, and was an enjoyable aperitif. It was kind of a shame the cast had their scripts in hand, I suppose, but then it was a radio piece.

Next was Role Play. Katy Darby is no stranger to the showcase, and had a very successful performance this time last year with House Call. This time around, we had a play that was half a contemporary satire on business, and half a Pinteresque what-the-hell's-going-on menace piece. For myself I think it could perhaps have been a bit more one or the other, but the stagecraft was undeniable. The cast pulled off a tricky piece with aplomb - even a bottle accidentally smashing all over the floor didn't seem to upset them.

Finally, after an alcohol-fulled interval, we had "Come As U R" by Eddie Coleman. Having undergone a massive cast change because of the December resceduling, the script in turn also required a fair bit of rewriting to accomodate said new cast. In that light, indeed without it, to me eye, it went very well. Peter Picton, in particular, grabbed the role of the rather louche and increasingly desperate wannabe swinger with spectacular relish. The result was a very funny forty minutes. I spoke to a couple of writers afterwards. We all agreed that we wanted to rewrite and develop it afterwards. It really could make a full length play we felt. Not all one act plays have that attribute, but this one really sparked our imaginations.

Well done to everyone. These things are difficult enough to organise even when they go well. When the dates had to be changed, and therefore many of the cast had to drop out, this was only exacerbated. Thanks to Lexie Howe and Amber Homes for persevering with their directing, and thanks again to Tim Gambrell, who is relinquishing his producing hat for the forseeable future. He also acted in one piece, and nobly sacrificed one he had written and that had been originally programmed because of all the confusion. Tim will be a hard act to follow.

Photos were again taken by Kim Sheard. You can see a couple more here at our Gallery, and buy others -and there are hundreds! - from Kim's website. Go here, enter PP Showcase July 09 in the box provided, then press Next.
A gallery of shots will magically appear! Same as last time, there are both the shots taken during the tech time and the shots from the show itself.

All anyone needs to do to purchase prints or digital versions, is simply send Kim an email including the photo reference number (which should look something like "DSC_3110"), the size of print wanted, and the number of copies (if more than one) or simply stating they would like digital copies. They should also include their postal address.

Prices for people wishing to have personal reminders of the evening are only a little bit more than last time and are as follows:

**Standard 6x4 prints cost £6.00, 9x6 are £7.50. Anything larger can be quoted as desired. (postage costs are £1.50)

**Digital copies can also be supplied via internet transfer and cost a base fee of £3.00 with each desired image in both high (print)and medium (email) resolution formats costing £5.00.

If any photo is going to be used as a promotional aid for any person or company, the fee per photo (to be provided digitally in high resolution format and medium web resolution for ease of further use) is £10.

Should someone purchase £15 or more, a complimentary group photo of their choice (6x4 print or file transferred electronically) will be added to their order.

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Peter T said...

Peter B has said it all. I would just add that we had many people in the audience from outside P-P, not just friends of the cast. The guests I brought said that it was a high quality evening, which compared very favourably at all points with a tedious evening they had spent recently at the National. Certainly the audience as a whole enjoyed these plays and the excellent performances. The next step is to get them before a wider section of the public. Well done.