Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Goodbye - The ( After ) Life of Cook and Moore

Johnny Hansler is so prolific it's hard to keep up. Anyway, for his fourth stage appearance this year - I've seen the first three, and intend to go to this one soonest - he returns to the part of Peter Cook in the play he co-wrote with Clive Greenwood. It was first premiered at P-P over two years ago, then taken to Edinburgh, and is now in the West End, at the is Leicester Square Theatre , in the basement, every Tuesday night at eight. It started last night, and will be back next week and for a couple more beyond. Naturally it once again stars our illustrious duo. If you haven't seen them on stage lately you might remember them from Wrong Move , which got a P-P reading last November.

Maybe I shall see you there.


Anonymous said...

Sam South has been to see it and says it is "absolutely brilliant".

Anonymous said...

Old Uncle Eamon has been to see it and tells me
"A really entertaining evening in a well-attended intimate space. Felt I'd got full value for my ticket through Clive's multifaceted performance alone"