Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Green Room

After the week off for the bank holiday, P-P resumes on Monday with "The Green Room", by Peter Phillips and Ian Purser. Back in February 2006 they presented "Poetic Justice", which was set at "a creative writing weekend workshop" where "one of the tutors, a rising poet, faces the professional and personal consequences of his past actions". It was later retitled "Stressed Ending".

"Green Room" is the sequel, where "Long-standing animosities come to a dramatic head at a literary festival in honour of a recently deceased novelist".

It runs for forty minutes. So, to supplement the evening's entertainment, we've got the final two holdovers for last term's "A Kind of Loving" competition. By whom, I hear you ask. I ain't telling. But you can find on Monday, when all will be revealed.

7.45, at the Horse and Groom.

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