Thursday, 26 March 2009

Swimming Naked

Alice Josephs has never had a play read at P-P, though she is a member. She has however had a play produced at the Barons Court Theatre, by First Draft entitled "For the Public Good". Well, she's back there again on Tuesday 31st March with the enticingly titled "Swimming Naked", which runs as part of a triple bill until 4 April 2009 at 8pm.

It's directed by Catherine Arden, and is described at a "farce for our financial times". It stars Catherine Potter, Maggie Robson and Mark Shaer, and was written, rehearsed and performed in a month. No wonder we haven't seen much of Alice lately.

The Barons Court Theare is to be found at 28a Comeragh Road London W14 9AR.

Read more about it here .

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alice said...

Hi Peter, Thanks so much for the mention - should I admit shamefacedly that I was googling Swimming Naked and my own name?! lol Actually, I have to correct you - I have had two playlets read at P&P with magnificent performances by all the actors concerned. I'm terrible with names but remember they were all uniformly marvellous: Denise, Daniel and Phil in Bicycle to Beijing? And Panos, Pete, Andrea, Chris and Victoria in "Everything They've Told You (About Me is Wrong)"? Hope I've got it right. Anyway hope you'll make it to Barons Court Theatre ...! or on Facebook - Swimming Naked