Friday, 9 October 2015

Monster in Human Shape

Monday October 12th brings us a screenplay by P-P's time-keeper extraordinaire Giles Armstrong. let the great man explain:

Sylvia Connors is a businesswoman on top of her game. Just a short time ago she thought she'd lost eveything - but now, with the help of her faithful PA, Madge, she's back on course and rapidly becoming a player on the world stage.

"But gradually she comes to realise that Madge - pretty, super efficient, totally devoted to her - is a fiend in human shape. Kidnapping, blackmail, torture, burglary, data thrft on a vast scale, probably quite soon murder - these are only some of her crimes  - how can Sylvia be rid of this creature before Madge drags her into the abyss?
"She can't. On the day Madge plonks a severed head into her lap, Sylvia realised they are joined at the hip and that in fact she will achieve much more with this monster at her side.
"One day, perhaps,  the reckoning - but not yet".

7.30 at the North London Tavern.

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