Thursday, 15 October 2015

Conflict of Interest & Into the Trench via the Breach

October 19th brings us an enticing double bill. First, a welcome return for Mr. Player-Playwrights himself, Peter Thompson, who brings all his legal knowledge to bear in a forty minute radio play entitled Conflict of Interest. As he explains:

"Two young lawyer-wannabees (1m, 1f) decide to set up a Free Legal Advice Centre in St Barnabas church, for the benefit of the local community.  They have good intentions but no qualifications worth talking about and their public-spirited venture soon takes them way out of their depth.  Will they make it back to dry land?  Vicar Mary sincerely hopes so because she has £250K riding on  the outcome."
Then, after tea and biscuits, or a dry sherry and profiteroles ( according to taste) and a short discussion we have the second half of the double bill, perennial competition winner Debbie Maya returns with Into the Trench via the Breach:

"A school trip to a portrait gallery is not everybody's idea of heaven, least of all Josh. However, he has an unforgettable experience that will change his life forever".
7.30 at the North London Tavern.

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