Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Will Passengers Please...

Monday 16th March brings us another play from the Collaborative Group. Let Mary Conway explain all:

"We are in a London station – not one of the posh ones with shopping arcades, pianos and platforms for Hogwarts, but one of the lesser, more intimate ones.

Here we can take a sideways look at the passengers as they hurry by and claim a share in their unexpected lives. Here we can see how brief lives intertwine; how one touches another; how life flares up and takes on riches.

Can a suicidal woman be saved by a boy and a rat? Will the woman, who waits for the son she has never seen, find happiness? Can a man, who depends for his sanity on a plastic bag, find love? And what does this all mean for Kenny, the long suffering manager, for whom this day could be momentous?The twists and turns of our shared histories are endless. Look at us: heads down, making for the exit! Where on earth are we going in such a hurry? Or are we maybe there already? Will passengers please... But list! Of course they will!"

Writers and creatives: Mary Conway, Peter Vincent, Debbie Maya, Peter McKelvey, Phil Philmar, Victoria Johnston, Chandana Banerjee 

7.30 at the North London Tavern. 

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