Wednesday, 4 March 2015

All The Things They Never Tell You In Drama School

Monday 9th March brings us our third talk of the year, with P-P legend Daniel Dresner. These days Daniel isn't just an actor, he's a life coach. We haven't seen much of the great man lately at P-P in terms of his acting and spectacularly-detailed post-show critiques, so Monday gives us a good chance to catch up. And, you might learn something. Here's the gen:

"Having actively worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years and coached within it, I have encountered some common questions which need answering. The answers to these questions have provided fulfilment, contentment and very often a career.

Player-Playwrights is close to my heart, as are the people who attend, so consequently I will endeavour to combine my knowledge and experience with your knowledge and experience tohelp you move further down your personal road towards where you really want to be.

We may touch upon the saboteurs and gremlins which stand in your way. We may talk about promoting yourself, networking, marketing and sales – and how awful this all sounds! We may discuss where you see yourself in the future, how you will get there and by when. We may ask questions such aswhat does success mean to me? Will I ever be famous? How can I earn a living doing what I love? In fact, do I love it at all or am I just addicted or even deluded? Does it matter if I'm crap?

Clearly this will be an interactive evening and will benefit those of you who are interested in progress. But it may also be fun and inspiring and invigorating".

7.30 at the North London Tavern.

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