Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Leading Man

We have a change of programme for 1st July, since the writer of the scheduled play, Orpheus Rising, is out of the country. It will be rescheduled for the autumn. Instead we have a 60 minute play by Peter McKelvey, entitled The Leading Man. Peter needs no introduction to P-P allumni. He's won virtually every P-P writing prize going, he's even acted on a few memorable occasions, and probably scored pretty highly there as well. Here's his blurb:

"It is Easter and it is snowing. Bellamy's restaurant in the shadow of St Paul's in the City of London is closed to everyone except the leading man. Ask not for whom the bell tolls..."

I trust your appetite is truly whetted. Imbibe some more at 7.30 on Monday at the Three Stags.

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