Thursday, 6 June 2013

Junction 26

Monday June 10th brings us a double bill of cinematic experience. First, we have a reading of a script by film critic turned writer, Adam Thursby, who was a finalist in the 2013 BlueCat Cordelia Competition (top 6) awarded to the best screenplay received from the UK and semi-finalist in the overall 2013 BlueCat Screenplay Competition which puts it in the top 60 of 3391.

Adam's script, Junction 26 "is a non-linear ensemble murder thriller set in the urban hinterland of London’s M25 motorway, in which the lives of a group of strangers intersect at key moments, unwittingly connecting them all to a grisly Truckstop murder". 

Adam Has previously written "The Caravan Trilogy” starring Ian-Puleston Davies and David Warner, directed by Andrew Gunn.

Second, once that's done, we can all rush home to catch another showing of "Don't Worry About Me", on BBC1 at midnight, the script that received its world premiere at P-P, all those moons ago.

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