Friday, 22 February 2013

That Man

February 25 brings us a rare musical. Let new writer Wendy Gill explain:

"A big band sound and visually stunning, That Man is a contemporary musical about love, lust, loyalty, and deceit, set in and around London. Themes of cultural diversity, romantic ideology and personal values provide conflict and poignancy as the story unfolds with moments of humour, sadness and violent outbursts.

City boys Rick and Graham are the first to take their seats at The European, an expensive cabaret club in the West End of London. Followed by Dominic and three other male colleagues, they are all out to celebrate the forthcoming marriage of Dominic with Larissa. Rick puts his best friend Dominic and colleagues to the test when he suggests a wager, based upon winning the favours of Rosa, the star of the show. When the wager backfires, Rick, who doesn’t like to take life too seriously, faces a serious dilemma. His pride and image among his peer group forces him to take a course of action in total conflict with his desires.

Dominic, Larissa and Graham become concerned as they witness the deterioration of Rick and Rosa. But his friends begin to tire of him as Rick seeks out distractions, in the guise of Katya, a pole-dancer and Zoe, the new intern at the office. Zoe’s office supervisor, Grace and her girls, provide comedic relief as they try to steer Zoe out of trouble. In her quest for survival, Rosa takes matters into her own hands – as indeed she had done the very first time she set eyes on Rick at The European. At the end of the play Rosa reveals the secret which she has tried, but failed to tell both her mother and Larissa. There is a violent outburst between Rosa, Rick, Graham and Zoe as Rick struggles to deal with humiliation and rejection when Rosa makes a pragmatic decision and takes up an offer from Graham".

John Morrison adds: "We don't often break into song at P-P but it may well happen on Monday. Our co-presidents Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, who know a thing or two about creating hit musicals, will be on hand at the Three Stags to give their comments".

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