Thursday, 14 February 2013

Infinity Land

7.30 Monday 18th February, at the Three Stags

John Morrison writes:
What I really want is a puffer fish. They’re my favorite. Their eyes face the front, just humans. Bright blue eyes. Real cute.’.

Nick Bruckman has worked as assistant/associate director in several theatres, including the Royal Court where he assisted Dominic Cooke with a Caryl Churchill play last year.  He has also worked with Kerry Michael  and Ramin Gray.  This is what he says about researching and writing a play about the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991:

"I flew to Milwaukee to research the life of Jeffrey Dahmer. I hung out with the giant mustachioed cop who arrested him, got drunk on shots people kept buying me at the bars where he went to pick up guys, and spent my day times at Milwaukee County Courthouse where I had my own little desk to trawl through boxes of court documents.

"I think the play I wrote is about not feeling part of anything. About wanting to connect, but not understanding how to. About burning desires, and not knowing how to quench them. It's about why we are so fascinated by people who commit monstrous deeds, and how that fascination relates to the impulses we suppress. It's about hobbies. It’s about spiraling out of control. And in the end, it's about being left behind."

Dan Davies read the play before we put it in the programme, praising its excellent language and fascinating imagery, but describing it as ‘as sickening as you’d expect for the subject matter’.

This is probably the most challenging piece of work we have read at P-P for some considerable time. Please come along, but expect to be taken outside your comfort zone.

‘You start cutting off the flesh in the leg area or the arm area and you simply work your way down.

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