Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Harry & John

After last week's aborted reading, this coming Monday's script is even more keenly anticipated. It's a one act stage play by Kevin Connor, whose last two pieces were an amusing mixture of zaniness and absurdity, quite unlike anything anyone else at P-P comes up with. Can he deliver a hat-trick? The story sounds slightly more grounded, as Kevin explains:

"Harry’s a security guard and witness to the private life of a superstar. Set between 1964 and 1968 in a security cabin at the exclusive St George’s Hill estate in the Surrey stockbroker belt, Harry & John is a story of friendship, fame, drugs and sex. Based on John Lennon living in Weybridge from the explosion of Beatlemania through to the hippie movement of the late nineteen sixties, the play asks the question – is it possible to lead a normal life when you’re the most famous person alive?"

Sounds rather good. I don't think the theme, "what's it actually like to be really famous?" has been dramatised all that much over the years. One of Woody Allen's early, funny films, Stardust Memories, gave it a shot, but what else? Anyone... anyone... Still, we'll find out on Monday, 26th November, at the Phoenix, 7.45.

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