Sunday, 3 June 2012

Amanda Whittington Speaks!

June 11th and a double bill. First up is our guest speaker,. Amanda Whittington. Amanda will be talking to chairman John Morrison about her plays, about her successful career in regional theatre, and about her work as chair of the Theatre Committee of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain ( for more see this. She's best known as the author of the phenomenally successful Be My Baby, about a group of pregnant girls preparing to give their babies up for adoption in a Church of England hostel in 1964. Like her other plays, including Ladies Day and Ladies Down Under, this one has wonderfully realised female characters and dialogue so sharp it leaves our chairman, for one, "feeling madly jealous". Nick Hern Books licensed an incredible 72 amateur productions of her plays in 2011. How does she do it? Come along on Monday and find out.

Then it's a reading of the new radio sitcom by Dylan Davies and Tim Gambrell entitled Me and My Mum Against the World. I read the very first draft, when it was solely Mr. Davies' responsibility. I shall be intrigued to see what the Great Gambo has added to it. I shall be there. Shall you?


Tim Gambrell said...

I shall be counting heads to see how many people run away after the speaker has finished!

Tim Gambrell said...

I neglected to thank my fellow cast members publicly after the reading on Monday - so thank you Anthea, Phil, Silas, Andrew and Emily who was at P-P for the very first time and filled in admirably at very short notice when the original Zelda had to rush of to Brighton!