Thursday, 24 May 2012


Occupy: The Silent Scream, to give it its full title, gets it P-P premiere on Monday, May28th. It's the first play by yet another new writer to us, Melody Bridges, and she explains it thus:

"On the eve of the eviction night outside St Paul's Cathedral a planned march gets out of control and police reaction starts urban warfare.

No - this isn't true this is theatre.

In this ambitious new play about the Occupy movement, actors take the parts of Occupiers, playing actors. Its a play that asks what is theatre and what is true? And how does an innate love of drama bind these two groups together?

Taken from the stories and opinions of Occupiers - this is a play that attempts to define a protest movement that wants to redefine what this term means.

Interweaving three layers of narrative, we go on a giddy journey through modern discontent, romance comedy and social realism.

What space should theatre have in Occupy? And what space does Occupy have in the theatre?"

Like I said, Monday at the Phoenix at 7.45.

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What a fantastic idea. Hope the play goes well.

Can anyone sympathetic to Occupy join? You see we've written a play about Atos which we have made available on the internet for anyone to use. We really want people to put it on everywhere.

Please feel free to use if you like it and get in touch to let us know.