Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Absent Father

The old term may have ended but our work here at P-P is never done, and the new, albeit temporary, programme, is up. And the first thing to note is that because the Phoenix is unavailable we shall be returning to our previous home of the Green Man in Great Portland Street, FOR ONE WEEK ONLY on April 23rd.

The great flood of 2010... the world premiere of Bonfire Night.... David Carr demanding two hours of his life back.... ah the memories!.

And the second thing to note is that the script is by Progamme Secretary Mark Lindow. We had a ten minute excerpt of this last term, where the consensus was that it was a fine beginning, but we all wanted more. So here's the whole forty-five minute radio play, where all the loose ends will be cleared up. Maybe

And like I said, it's at the Green Man. 7.45, April 23rd. Be there.

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absent grandparent said...

This was a very well-written radio play about the stereotyping of Absent Fathers. It has an exciting and entertaining narrative about how three fathers, some more absent than others, are doing their inadequate best for their children. A Spiderman father with vertigo tries to put a banner on the Town Hall roof. At the same time an unemployed father-to-be takes the Mayor hostage and the associated womenfolk, including the long-suffering wife of the Mayor, join the crowds outside and marvel at the stupidity of their consorts.
Fine performances from a large cast made the most of the Green Man stage.