Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Reconciliation

Monday April 2nd brings us Tony Killaspy's The Reconciliation. Eagle-eyed readers with good memories may recall that when the programme the term was supposed to end this week. But such is the surfeit of excellence lately that we've decided to keep going for one more Monday. The Reconciliation is yet another result of the Collaborative Project. Tony was paired with Mary Conway they chose to write about Belief/Faith. As Tony explains: "Mary sketched the 6 scenes which was based upon a family and how it changed over the years. As the writer I developed the characters highlighting the conflict between Miriam (the Jewish mother) and her Marxist husband Joe. The final scene shows how conflicting views can, in a fashion, be reconciled".

It's a 45 minute stage play and it starts at 7.45.

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