Friday, 2 December 2011


At last! Owing to a waterlogged stage it got postponed from its initial reading. It got its reading, did well, and the call went out for some moolah to put it on. The dosh came in and Lexy Howe's two-hander set in a sauna is finally coming to the stage. It's at the Tristan Bates, and starts this Monday. Of course, you'll all be coming to P-P then, but it's on for the rest of the week too. Lexy didn't just write it, she's in it too. And there's a reduction for members when you book. The discount code is Lexy1.

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Health Club Fanatic said...

Do hurry and see this production and try and get a seat on the front row. It is excellent entertainment and only 45 mins, so there is time to have a drink with Lexy afterwards [and also Fay, the other blonde trapped in the sauna]. Phew, it's hot in there.