Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sweatbox & The Hotel

I've never been inside a sauna, but I have been in a hotel. On Monday 15th, the P-P audience get to do both.

Two weeks ago a tsunami swept through the Green Man. Fortunately, no lives were lost, but it brought the evening to a swift ending, leading to the postponement of Sweatbox, just as the cast were gargling and changing into their costumes. But the show must go on! Instead of kicking the show into the summer, cast and crew have worked 24/7 to rearrange the programme and bring it in now.

So here we go again: Sweatbox, by Lexie Howe.

But what to double with it? Sweatbox is only half an hour long and we can't end the evening at a quarter to nine. So, phones were manned, emails were sent, and another new, short play, The Hotel, has been drafted in. This is by another P-P newcomer, Niall Boyce. Again, it's a two hander, and again it's a bit spooky.

Come to the Green Man on Monday to explore. Bring a raincoat.

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