Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tough Love

February 22nd brings us the long-awaited return of Alison Wilkie. Her last script for us, How Not to Change Your Boyfriend, was a rip-roaring success with the P-P public, and her new one, Tough Love, promises similar garlands. The log-line tells us that it's about:

"An idealistic social worker sets out to save her self-destructive boyfriend from himself…
And ends up saving herself".

Which sounds a bit Ken Loach to me. ( and not in a good way ). For a start, this is funny. The synopsis, which starts thusly, is a bit more user-friendly:

"Annabel, a feisty social worker at a homeless hostel and Barry, a dangerously handsome builder, are in love. And Barry doesn't drink (or take narcotics). Not for two whole years.

That is, not until their return to London from celebrating their engagement in Sri Lanka . …When Annabel's life falls apart. But desperate to have her boyfriend back (and now pregnant) Annabel sets about to save Barry from himself".

Read more here. You can even read the first twelve minutes too, as a taster. But do come along on Monday and judge for yourself.

7.45. The Green Man.

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Alison said...

OMG where did you get that picture??!
Ooooh I see... thorough ain't ya? Thanks for the write up, am more nervous than ever now...