Thursday, 14 January 2016

Competition Play-Off

Monday January 18th is the second Monday of the new year, which means it's time for another P-P tradition, the competition play-off. There are three competitions a year, and the top two from each go through.And just because you came second, doesn't mean you can't win. I recall the one year I won a competition, I came last in the play-off. And the one that won had come second. So it isn't just down the writing, the cast and the audience all play their part.

Anyway, it's a good night. In between the counting there will be the added bonus of some words of wisdom from Napoleon Ryan and Sherryll Turnera who both went to Hollywood a few years' back to seek fame and fortune. You'll recognise them from both the photo above and the tan.

Be there at 7.30.

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