Wednesday, 16 September 2015

News from Devon

Former actor of the year and writer of the annual pantomime Tim Gambrell has left London for the seagulls and chip shops of dear old Exeter, so I don't suppose we'll be seeing too much of him in the immediate future, alas. But his legacy lives on: Paul &  Nessa's Happy Hour on Spark Sunderland have been using some of his comedy sketches in their shows.

This week was the last of their Tuesday daytime shows, and they're coming back in two weeks with a higher profile Wednesday evening slot instead. They're continuing to use Tim's material, which is nice, and one of the recurring characters will be a revamped version on an old Enid Thrush idea, so she gets to come to life at last as a Teeside Lass!
The station only broadcasts locally around Sunderland, but is available to stream live online at and if that's not convenient the shows are also available to listen to at your convenience via the Cranked Anvil website

Enid Thrush! She must have had at least three outings at P-P back in the day. must be worth a listen now, I'd say.