Thursday, 10 April 2014

Love Me Do

April 14th brings us the final script of the spring term, and it's a piece by none other than our presidents', Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran. It's Love Me Do, which I remember hearing a year and a half a go on radio four. Written to commemorate the fiftieth anniversaries of both the Beatles' debut single, and of the Cuban missile crisis, it's now become a stageplay. Here's a blurb, courtesty of Laurence Marks:

"Love Me Do tells the story of two Americans in London during the week leading up to what many of the population believed to be "the end of the world". It was thought that on Sunday, October 28, 1962, President Kennedy would bomb the Soviet nuclear missile sites on the island of Cuba, thus beginning World War III. Only this war would last little more than half an hour. This would be a nuclear war. Armaggedon.

Against the backdrop of the most serious situation known to man, the play looks at what is going on in the lives of Dorothy and Shack. She, on her first visit out of the USA; here in England for a friend's wedding; Shack is "something important" working out of the US Embassy. They meet at the country wedding and a love-hate relationship develops over the week before the "Big One" will be dropped and the world will be no more".

7.30, at the Three Stags.

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