Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Garden Part Two

December 2nd and it's time to get ourselves back to the Garden, after last week's electrifying Part One.

The play is set in a walled garden, somewhere in North London, where our genial Chorus leads us on a journey through time. In our imagination we are invited to picture the garden as a place of present beauty and life as time passes, seasons change, year follows year and people flower and fade and fight for survival. With the Chorus as guide, we are invited to share the dramas faced by some of the vibrant individuals who have inhabited this garden over the years, locked as they are into the vagaries of their times. Part 1 - shown last week – took us from 1805 to 1921 and received outstanding feedback. Part 2, this week, gives us four short plays: 1940 – THEY WON’T BOMB THE DORCHESTER; 1963 – LOVE CHILD; 1981 – WHATEVER LOVE MEANS; 2013 – WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?

7.30 at the Three Stags.

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