Tuesday, 15 October 2013

At The Heart of Everything

Monday 21st October is, of course, Trafalgar day and at Player Playwrights we have decided to celebrate by bringing you the latest drama from Mary Conway's hugely productive collaborative group. This one is written by Mary in association with Barry Fyfield, and we'll be seeing two episodes of a tv series:

"It’s Nigel’s first day on the senior management team of Runcible Further Education College. He arrives full of hope and a high minded determination to inspire the joys of learning in the masses.

However, nothing has prepared him for the realities of a management team lost in the mire of personal quirks and limitations, systemic failure and silent resignation.

Set in and around the college management boardroom in the space of one day, two half hour episodes of this TV series remind us of all the dysfunctional meetings we have ever attended as the managers try and fail to stamp any kind of control on a dramatic situation that is fast spiralling into an orgy of chaos and farce.

As the day progresses, we see the senior team intent on their own survival at all costs. Meanwhile Nigel dissolves into despair, his hopes derailed and his professional pride in tatters.

Familiar or what?"

7.30 at the Three Stags.

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