Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cutting the Ties that Bind & Showdown

Monday 16th Jan brings us a double bill. First up is Nicola Hollinshead's One Woman Show, Cutting the Ties that Bind, which had to be postponed from last term. In June, Nicola gave the log-line:

"In an attempt to move on from her past, Anna goes on a New Age retreat."

Nicola shall be performing it herself.

Then, after the intermission, comes a play by competition regular, Debbie Nagioff.

"Show Down is a story about fear of commitment. It will ring bells with many couples, and not wedding bells. It is Leap Year and Marion has brought Charles (her partner of many years) to their favourite restaurant in order to propose marriage. What we hear is not only the proposal, but the inner dialogue between their heads and hearts. What will happen in the end?"

Come along to The Three Stags on Monday 16 September and find out.

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