Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Aberfan & You Can't Kiss Me

New term begins on September 10th with a double bill of scripts developed from the Collaborative Writing process. Both are 25 minutes long. First, by Debbie Maya, is Aberfan, a staged dramatised documentation of the events that occurred early on the morning of Friday 21 October 1966.

"It contains poetry, prose, actual quotes, dramatic scenes and music to remind us of this terrible tragedy which effectively wiped out a generation of children."

After a brief, liquid refreshment, we then have a comedy film treatment by Peter Vincent which he enticingly describes as "a study in masochism". I wonder if any of our lady members can say, after a summer spent lying on sun-loungers reading Fifty Shades of Grey, whether he has caught the tone right. As the great man himself says, he "desperately needs the wise and humorous input of PP to support a habit he is ashamed of... (writing things…)"

Here's a song with the same title. No doubt entirely unrelated.

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