Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Russian Play

There was some confusion about the scheduling of "A Russian Play" last week. Well, it's on this week, Monday November 14th. It's by new writer John Thompson, and is a tragi-comedy set in Petrograd in 1916. It's already got a production lined up for The Lion & The Unicorn in Kentish Town from 7th Feb-26th Feb 2012. The parts include the following:

Fyodor: A consumptive, hyper-sensitive and very deluded writer in his twenties;

Alexei: A larger-than-life, mercurial revolutionary (also in his twenties);

Alosha: A naive young man from the country, who comes to Petrograd to seek his fortune;

Vladamir: A sinister secret service agent (in his early fifties ).

Come along on Monday at 7.45 to see what the good people of Kentish Town have in store for them.

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