Friday, 12 August 2011

Country Life

So here we go. The carnage of the last few days may have put a spoke in some of the Fringe, but there aren't too many shops in Malet Street, which means Player-Playwrights debut production, Country Life, is going ahead. It features Marji Campi, Chris Bearne, and David Forest as the three oldsters fighting it out in Devon. Here's Marji:

And here's Chris:

I'd now show one with David in, but I simply can't find one on youtube. I bet he's in there somewhere, though. Anyway, he's good.

They all are. Good director, good set, good venue. The script isn't so bad, either, though maybe I'm biased. It runs from Monday 15th to Saturday 20th. Do come along. Ten quid for normals, seven for students. Not bad for a full length play. If we break even, then maybe P-P will do this again. If not, well I hope at least some of you come and visit me in my debtor's prison.

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