Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Facing The Enemy

October 25th of October brings us a rare revamp of something from yesteryear. Six or so years ago at the Horse and Groom we did Facing the Enemy, a stage play by our treasurer Tony Diggle. Now it's back, rewritten, recast, and even better than before!

As Tony explains:

In one of the most far-flung and undeveloped areas on earth, it looks as if another border war is about to erupt between two of its countries, Wyvernia and Mabuta. But what is different this time? Why is one of Wyvernia’s generals saying that this time they’ll really show them? And what has one of its other generals taken that must be returned? The answers are slowly revealed in this play about war and conflict.

7.45 at the Phoenix. Be there.

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