Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Siren Called

Thanks go out to everyone who attended Siren. I had a terrific time, as indeed did some of the audience. Or so they said! We got two favourable reviews, and sold out three out of the four nights. Well done to Paula, as well as the rest of the P-P crew who contributed, from the original reading, the showcase and the production itself. And well done too to Glenn Speers who played Geoff, and Paul Blinkhorn who directed. They may not be names familiar to you, but I have a feeling they will be soon.

Altogether it was a great experience. And not overwhelmingly expensive. If any other P-P members have one act plays out there, it's not a bad idea at least to consider the Camden Fringe. Talking of which, yesterday I along with Tony Diggle, Lynne O'Sullivan, Peter Thompson, Ninjaz and Ajay went to see Fox Girl Five, by Eddie Coleman. PT was impressed:

"Eddie Coleman has never written anything better and Amber Holmes did a superb job with these five wannabe Spice Girls. They really could perform and their second number (at the end of the show) received loud sustained applause such as you seldom hear on the Fringe. And the men were good too, not least the lugubrious Pete Picton. I just loved it".

And there's one more performance, today at the Lion and Unicorn at five o'clock. Indeed, if you stick around for half an hour afterwards, there's a performance of 'LIE BETWEEN LOVE AND DEATH' featuring Victoria Johnston. Two for the price of... two, but at least you don't have any more travel expenses. I'm going along, and expect to see you there as well.

If you can't make it tonight, it does however move to The Space on The Isle of Dogs
269 West Ferry Road E14
Tickets available at http://space.org.uk/ on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th August at 8pm.

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