Monday, 26 July 2010

Show Me The Money

Summer term may be over, but the hits keep on coming. We may have technically ended our year long lease at the Green Man, but there is still one more show there. This coming Sunday, August 1st, our esteemed treasurer Tony Diggle has got a reading of a play that originally surfaced three years ago, but which has since been reworked.

It's at two o'clock, downstairs in the Porters Bar.

“David has just turned forty. He’s determined to start making big money, find the girl of his dreams and get married. Jenny is …. less than forty. She’s determined never to do any work at all if she can possibly help it, marry a millionaire and spend all the money. Will they get what they want, and if they do, will it turn out to be what they expect? Come and find out in this dark, “city” comedy about the corrosive power of money.”

It features Pete Picton, Fiona McGee, Phil Philmar, Chris Prior, Richard Evans, and Daniel Dresner. Matthew Dexter is reading the stage directions.

Be there, for one last hurrah!

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