Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Love Horse

Simon Desborough hasn't been with us lately at P-P for the excellent reason that he's been rehearsing a play. It's called Love Horse, and it's getting it's UK premier after a successful opening in Chicago.

"This is a carefully calibrated, exhilaratingly performed piece that takes audiences to their threshold for disorientation and delivers insight into identity, passion, pain, and the power of science", claimed the Chicago Reader, back in 2001.

More prosaically, the actual story concerns Tanner Hicks "on a quest to discover who he really is. When he meets Rita Anne Purcell he is inspired to take a look inside and is stunned by what he finds... Tanner leads a fringe-elite debt collection crew that uses butoh and psychology to convince egotistical but indebted doctors to pay up. In a botched collection attempt he breaks his tooth. The shattered tooth becomes a fissure through which Tanner confronts his dark and startling past".

Worth going just to find out what butoh is. Anyway it opens tonight, and runs through till December 13th.

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