Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pride and Prejudice

Some of you will have read the book. Some will have seen the tv series. But have any of you seen in on stage?
Here's your chance. Fresh from writing a play about Jane Austen's love life, and seeing it produced a couple of year's back, and published by Samuel French, one of the our finest legal mind's Joanna Norland has returned to P-P to bring us her own interpretation on Ms Austen's most acclaimed novel. If you don't own a tv, haven't got an old Everyman mouldering away dust at the bottom of your bookcase, then for an hour and a half of your time, this may well turn out to be the definitive version. Who will be Darcy? Who will be Lizzy? Come along on Monday to find out.

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johnmmorrison7 said...

I have fished out a dusty Oxford Classics edition of P&P (rather than P-P) off the shelf and am busy reading it for the first time since I was at school. I can't remember very much even though I must have written A-level essays about the book. But these days I can't remember very much about anything at all...