Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Postman's Park

Next Tuesday brings us several FREE performances of Postman's Park produced and directed by our very own Ellie Zeegen, under the auspices of The Actors Temple. The event runs from Tuesday 28th July - Sunday 2nd August down at St Pancras Crypt on Euston Road.

If you like it, you can donate at the end!

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Anthea Courtenay said...

A very imaginative concept, very well executed. I took a friend to see it on the last day - if 'see' is the right word for a show that drew you in to its own life. In the little chambers in St Pancras church crypt we met 'ordinary' people who had died during acts of bravery - an Edwardian dancer, a doctor, a postman, and many others. They invited us in to their tiny after-life homes and told us their stories, with much contemporary detail. My friend said afterwards 'They should put it on every weekend'. Not sure what the excellent actors (including PP's Simon Desborough) would think of that, but I hope Ellie will consider putting it on again.

Ellie herself looked blooming, awaiting her very personal next production in September.