Thursday, 11 June 2009

Fab Life in the Big City

Monday brings us a double bill. First up, is Fab Life in the Big City, by Sam South. Last term we did her "House on the Hill" a double bill of sitcom episodes, you no doubt recall. This time around we have a stage play. For those who have the printed programme, you have have noted that it was originally down as "Unknown Entity". That's because it didn't have a title then, because it hadn't even been written. It was indeed an unknown entity. But she's been hard at work since then, and I've read it. I even mentored it.

I think it is, at very least, interesting. And funny. And clever.

Afterwards, there's a P-P first: a 10-15 minute animated TV cop thing for children called Carlo and the Fed by Mark and Steve Crumpler. Mark himself knows whereof he speaks. He is, as Jimmy McNulty would say, a police.

By day he's out there walking the mean streets saving little old ladies from ne-er-do-wells. By night, he puts away his truncheon, and picks up his quill.

Monday. Be there.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and thoughtful ideas for my play. But who was the complete arse who handed in a blank report sheet, with no name no comments no individual scores but just '5' in the total? How useful is this to a writer. Twat! Can't we do something about these people? Aren't we supposed to be grownups? Sam South